Cyber Security Awareness - 2022

To increase awareness regarding the different types of cybercrime and the help provided by the Gujarat Police, a session for Cyber Security Awareness for the classes of IX to XII on 14th July 2022, was conducted by Dr. Tushar Shah and Mr. Tej Daftary.

The students were informed about how the personal security is compromised online and the acts Social media that are considered to be a misconduct as per Indian Penal Court.

Mr. Tej also inducted students with Governments’ new upcoming project of “Cyber Cheetah Commandos”. They asked students to take interest in Cyber Security as a subject and join the group as Cyber Army. They also shared the help line numbers for reporting the cybercrime.

The session concluded with a question-answer round. A lot of students shared their doubts and the same were answered by the speakers. Overall, it was a very informative session for students and teachers.