Carnival - 2016

JG International school, Sola Road, presented its Annual Display of Activities  “Expressions- A Carnival of Creations- 2016“ on 30th January, 2016. This event exhibited the talents of our students in various Co-Curricular Activities for which they were trained all through the year. Activities included Dramatics, Calligraphy, Electronics, Dance, Aerobics, Do It Yourself[ Plumbing, Tailoring, Carpentry etc ] Music [Vocal/ Instrumental ] Art , Embroidery,  Painting and the School band. They put their heart and soul for the success of this show. The Students of Cookery Activity had put up various stalls to exhibit their culinary skill , prepared and sold various eatables, which was in great demand all through the day. Parents were impressed by the performance of their children.