July 2022

Inter House English Recitation - 2022

The inter house English poem recitation competition was held on 8th July, 2022. The competition was divided into three category: Sub- Junior- class IV-V, Junior- class VI- VII and Senior- class VIII- IX. The teachers in charge were- Mitisha Lalwani, Steffi Thomas.

Judges for the same were- Ms. Neelam Rathi and Ms. Yasmin Khan.

Scorers were- Ms. Vijayalalita, Ms. Shannon and Ms. Soma.

The following were the winners of the competition-

Cyber Security Awareness - 2022

To increase awareness regarding the different types of cybercrime and the help provided by the Gujarat Police, a session for Cyber Security Awareness for the classes of IX to XII on 14th July 2022, was conducted by Dr. Tushar Shah and Mr. Tej Daftary.

The students were informed about how the personal security is compromised online and the acts Social media that are considered to be a misconduct as per Indian Penal Court.

Poems Out Loud - 2022

JGIS hosted the annual ‘Poems Out Loud’ competition on Friday, 15th July, 2022 where twenty-six reputed schools participated. Students from Class IV to IX participated for winning prices under different categories: The First, Second and Third Prices under individual category, and two special awards, one for reciting ‘The Best Self-composed Poem’ and the other for ‘The Best Vocal Quality’.

Inter House English Declamation - 2022

Inter House Declamation Competition was organized for classes V to VIII to hone the oratory skills of the students. A declamation speech is the term used to describe the re-giving of an important or famous speech. This method of teaching was used in ancient Greece where public speaking was considered a necessary art for anybody embarking on a career in public service. The speaker re-interprets the original speech and reproduces its power afresh.

Workshop for Students, “Right Moves” - 2022

On this day, our Principal, Dr. Kavita Sharma kick-started the first of many workshops to come, to help us find our place in today’s world. This session outlined how we can learn to make the “Right Moves” by understanding the concept of choices. All attendees, the students of class XII, found this workshop to be very fitting to our current position in life- a pivotal point where teenagers find everything changing around them, and are exposed to a completely different side of the world we live in.

Theory of Knowledge (ToK) IBDP Batch 2021-23

The IBDP students of JG International School held their Theory of Knowledge (ToK) Exhibition on 14th July 2022 in JG auditorium, JG Campus of Excellence. Many schools, colleges’  faculty members and students  attended this Exhibition and were impressed by the kind of discussions and deliberations that took place.  The ToK course provides an opportunity to explore and reflect the process of knowing. The TOK exhibition explores how ToK manifests in the real world.