August 2019

73rd Independence Day

Independence Day was celebrated with great fervor on 15th August, 2019.

On that day the national flag was hoisted by the chairman, Shri. John Geevarghese in the presence of dignitaries from Asia Charitable Trust, the  Principals and staff members of various institutions run by the Trust. The Head Boy and the Head Girl presented a speech suited to the occasion.  A patriotic song was sung followed by a dance performance by our students. The event culminated with the Chairman’s address.

Class presentation - IV Emerald - 2019

“Breaking the glass ceiling”

Always a coin has its two sides, similarly in our society we have women touching the sky, landing on the moon, cutting the deep waters and various other girls achieving accolades in their respective fields but still there is this dark side of our society where a woman’s survival is a great struggle, they are molested, kept deprived from the basic educational rights.

Class Presentation

Students of Grade II Krishna presented the topic “Bicycles” through a play on 28th August, 2019. They exhibited the topic by sharing facts about the types of bicycles used in different eras. Through this presentation students unraveled the benefits of cycling in their daily life and how this non- pollutant vehicle is helpful in protecting our environment. The students demonstrated different skills with great confidence through their performance.

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