Field Trip to Indroda Park (Class-IV) - 2022

An educational field visit was organized by JG International School for Grade IV on 28th September, 2022, Wednesday. The main objective of this visit was to make students aware of the different plant adaptations in different biomes. Since the students had already learnt about plant adaptations in various biomes, it was a great opportunity for them to relate theoretical knowledge with practical observation.


Indroda Nature Park is located in Gandhinagar which is spread over an area of 400 hectares. It is divided into three parts namely- Dinosaur Fossil Park, Botanical Garden and the zoo. Our students were oriented towards general information pertaining to Indroda Park and brief history about Dinosaurs’ existence by Ms. Kusum. They were taken to the Water Lily Pond and made to observe the stem and leaves of Lilies. They also observed the air sacs in the stem and the flat shape of leaves.


The students were given a tour of the Botanical Garden. This part was the major aim of the visit. Here, the students observed several trees with rough and smooth barks (Ceriscoides turgida), plants with huge leaves (Jatropha curcas), colorful leaves (Codiaeum variegatum), air plants and climbers (Epipremnum aureum).


Additionally, they observed the Cactus Park which catered numerous species of cactus (Opuntia elatior) as well as a greenhouse. After an insightful tour we stopped for a juice break and lastly, we observed the snake house showcasing different species of snakes such as Indian Rat Snake, Indian Rock Python etc.


This visit gave a thorough walkthrough of different plant adaptations in specifically desert and aquatic environments. It also helped them understand the necessity of adaptations for survival. Moreover, they learnt about interdependence of animals and plants to form a balanced ecosystem.